September 28, 2011


As I woke up this morning I have to admit I didn't have a good attitude.  I knew I had to get my IV changed today, which I hate, and it was going to just be another long day up here.  As the nurse was changing my IV and putting the babies on the monitor, the doctor walked in.  Wow, I wasn't expecting what she had to say.  The doctor I saw this morning and my doctor are kind of working together, and they think they want to take the babies FRIDAY...This Friday.  Boy was I caught off guard.  I know why they are thinking that, because I had a run of a few rough days, so I think they are a little concerned about my body, but at the same time, my goal was 34 weeks.  Jacy and I were talking and yeah Friday would just work out for everyone, but then if I can hold off unil Monday, that is 3 more days they would have to grow.  So, here we are again, being faced with the decision of "when" to have these babies.  We are just going to wait until I talk with my doctor tomorrow morning and see what she has to say, and just start praying God will decide for us, so that we won't have to make this decision!

Please pray for the health of these babies and that they are going to be little fighters.  We want them home soon with us so we can all be a family!  This is becoming ALL so real.  I still can't believe Landon is only days away from becoming a big brother!  So, as I said earlier how I didn't have a good attitude, yeah well that has changed just in the couple of hours I've been up.  I got my last IV!!!!!  I have an adorable son who is about to become a big brother, and because of many factors, I have been able to fight 3 extra, going on 4 weeks so far for these babies! Praise God!! 

We love you all so dearly!

September 27, 2011

Tuesday, September 27th

Last night was a rough one.  I have been having these really intense nightmares and waking up in a sweat.  Not fun.  The nightmares relate to the babies, and things in the hospital.  I think everything is just starting to get in my head.  My contractions started increasing last night and at one point I had 10 or 11 in an hour.  They were more intense so it kept me up and my body just felt off.  I still feel "off" this morning.  I don't know how to explain it other than I feel really different.  When I saw the doctor this morning and told her how I was feeling she checked my cervix.  She called it a loose, loose 3, and also said my bag of water is very intense.  That means it could break at any point.  The babies have also dropped even lower (don't know how much lower they can even go before they are out).  So, now I afraid to even move, because my personnal goal is 34 weeks, and I am only 33 and 1.  Please continue to pray for healthy babies and that once they arrive, they will be able to "shake" the mag.  The neonatologist has mentioned a few times how we need to remember they are going to need some time to get the mag out of their system just like my body will need time.

September 19, 2011

Afternoon update

So, the goal today was to put a PICC line in my left arm so I didn't have to keep getting a new IV every 3 days.  I have had 5 already, and if I stay 2 more weeks, that is 5 more.  They are worried they are going to run out of veins, and thought a pick line would be good.  We all get ready, I have to sign a bunch of paper work, and am mentally trying to prepare myslef for the pain. Right when they are about to put me on the stretcher bed to move me downstairs to radiology, the nurse gets a phone call.  They told her I didn't quilify for a PICC line because I was "in patient" and they only do PICC lines in patients that go they wanted to do a central line in my jugular vein on my neck...I DON'T THINK SO!  I said absolutely not.  All I'm doing here is trying to have a baby (or 2), not dying.  So after all the drama, I was back in my bed in the same position I was when we began this mess.  I was kind of happy though, b/c neither a PICC line or IV coming out of my neck sounded appealing! 

We got the results from my ultrasound this morning, and the news was great!  The little girl now weighs 4.5 and the little boy is 4 pounds.  I personally think he is bigger, because they could not get a good measurement of his head.  He is literally coming out.  :o)  That is exactly how Landon was.  They always thought he was tiny b/c he was so low they couldn't measure his head either.  Landon ended up being a pound bigger than they expected, so I am hoping that is what happens this time.  All in all, they have gained roughly a pound in 2 weeks, so if I can get two more weeks in, they should be a good size!

32 weeks!

Today is a good day!  I have made it to 32 weeks.  Thank you Lord!  The doctor came in and we discussed EXACTLY what her thoughts were after we turn off the mag when I am 34 weeks.  That will be Monday, October 3rd.  We are thinking my body will take off on its own after the mag is turned off, but if for some reason it doesn't, she will drip pitocin.  As of right now, no C section!  I'm going for it..haha  I will also have an ultrasound this week to see how much the babies are weighing.  Jacy and I are getting very excited to meet them!  It blows my mind that Landon is going to be a big brother in two  It seems like yesterday when he was born. 

September 17, 2011

Day 11 and counting...

I know this coming Tuesday will be the 2 week mark that I've been in the hospital.  Today wasn't a good day for me.  I guess you could say I had a pitty party for myself.  I just couldn't get it together.  As hard as I tried, I just couldn't.  Thursday night, my awesome sister came to see me.  We had movie night and she stayed the night with me.  I LOVED it.  Last night, Jacy stayed the night, so I think that is why today was so hard for me.  I am really looking forward to Monday, because I will be 32 weeks!!  We are on countdown after that.  I think next week is going to be challenging for me mentally because it will be the third week I have been here, but if I can get through it, I will only have one week to go and my reward will be to meet my amazing children! 

I think Jacy has settled down also.  Things are moved in at the house and from what I hear, put up where they belong.  Hopefully, things will start to settle down for us now...that is until the twins are born..haha  I keep telling everyone I can't wait for our lives to be back to normal, but then I think...well, what is the definition of normal going to be for us??

We love you and thank you for your prayers! 

I am definitely 2

I meant to post this video a few weeks ago.  I couldn't stop laughing while I was filming him.  He was having a blast. 
I finally figured out how to get Landon to sit with me in my bed!!  I taught him how to use the remote that controled the t.v. and the lights...I was so happy that he let me love on him a little bit! 

September 14, 2011

Landon is living the life

Landon is living it up right now and he doesn't even know it.  His new friend is Pen Pen, and today they are at Chick Fil A enjoying some ice cream.  I miss him so much!!

George Bush Park Fire

This was our drama for the night.  We could see the fire so well from my hospital room.  I was a little worried but it burned itself out pretty quickly thank goodness. 

Am I sexy or what...haha

So this is my life these days.  I finally convinced the doctor to let me take off the monitors to sleep.  They monitor the babies every 8 hours now for about an hour.  The babies look good.  My nurses know our little girl well, because every time they put her on the monitor she moves and they have such a difficult time keeping her on.  It is so funny, because they talk to her like she is going to listen to what they are saying.  She is such a hoot!!

The doctor also checked my cervix today.  I am still only 2cm dliated...WAHOO!!

September 11, 2011

Day 6...

Well today is day 6.  I'm okay today-well not really, the more I think about it.  Jacy and Landon just left, and as much as I love seeing them, it makes me sad at the same time when they leave.  Today I am looking forward to taking a shower and watching the Texans football game at noon.

The doctor did her rounds this morning so we were able to get a pretty clear picture as to what exactly we should expect.  Yesterday, they bumped me down to 1 gram of Mag since I had been doing okay, but by the end of the day, I was having some pretty strong contractions, so they bumped me back up to 3 grams.  I stayed on 3 grams for 2 hours and then back down to 2.  I have been on 2 grams ever since.  I will LIVE on this stupid medicine until the babies are here.  It's a love hate thing because I feel like poo on the medicine, but at the same time, it is buying time for our babies' lives.  When I went down to 1 gram yesterday it showed us that as soon as my body is taken off the medicine, we will have babies.  My doctor said if she were to take me off per say a Monday morning, we will have babies by Monday evening.  Tomorrow she is bringing me in a paper that shows a bunch of statistics on 32 week old babies vs. 34 week old babies.  Pretty much, she is giving Jacy and I the choice of when we want to have these babies.  Wow...what a decision to make.  I mean, I don't feel like Jacy and I are the ones to make this call.  I guess I will just see how long I can mentally handle this magnesium, but in the back of my mind it is two lives that God has created we are talking about here.  What a spot to be in.  If I were to stay on the mag until I was 34 weeks, that means I would have lived on this medicine for 5 weeks.  I have to keep my body in mind also.  What to do....pray, pray, pray!!

Speaking of praying, thank goodness for Mark Shook T.V.  I've gotta get off the computer so I can get me some good old bible food!!  Lord knows I need it right now.  Mark just said life is hard, but God is good.  I think I need to listen to this one! 

I miss these two SO SO much!!

September 10, 2011

I love my friend Lindsey!!

drama for the momma

What a week this has been for us...few!  This past Tuesday I went in for my weekly, OB, routine visit, and I had just told my friend Lindsey at lunch that day I didn't have a good feeling about my apt. Well, am I good or what, because my doctor checked my cervix and I had dilated to 2 cm.  SO...back to the hospital we go.  I was admitted to Memorial Herman Katy, and then transferred to Methodist off I-10 in Katy.  When I was admitted Tuesday, they started me on Magnesium Sulfate "Mag" and I have been on it ever since.  I saw the doctor this morning and I will continue on the Mag until I am 32 weeks, which is not this coming Monday, but the next.  Then, I will take another medication orally to try to hold me off until 34 weeks.  I will be on hospital bed rest until I deliver, so please pray God will give me strength both mentally and physically.  I have been on an emotional roller coaster but I know God will continue to give me the strength I need to get through this. Please pray for Jacy too that God will just be with him as he has 1,000 different rolls he is playing right now-mom, dad, husband, mover, decision maker, supporter, and so many more.  He is so strong and keeps SUCH a positive attitude!  I am really trying to follow his lead with that!

On top of everything I can't be with Landon and we are moving into our new house this next week.  Well, not "we", but our family has really stepped up and been the WORLD to us helping out with everything.  I have never felt so loved in my entire life! 

As I sit here in the hospital bed, what gets me through the day (after I have my pitty party anyways) is that I am not sick.  This isn't a "forever" kind of thing.  Even though it feels like it right now because I am cooped up in this room, I have to remember it is just for a few weeks of my life that I have to keep my legs crossed...haha  What this experience has done for me is opened my eyes up to those that have been or are sick and have to stay in a hostpital for multiple days, with this stupid IV in their arm, and look at these 4 dark walls each and every day.  I completely admire them!  I don't know how they do it, or get through that "dark" time in their life, but I do know that they must be the strongest people God has created!!

I'll keep you posted as things progress.  Pray these sweet babies will hold off at least another 2 weeks!  I know God created them with his own two hands and have complete confidence that He will take great care of them too! 

September 2, 2011

My first hospital stay...

Well, let the fun begin!  This past Tuesday evening I decided to go get monitored at the hospital because I had been having some very sharp pains since the Thursday before.  I didn't think I was contracting, but I knew the pains weren't right either.  Needless to say, I was contracting.  They gave me two rounds of Terbutaline shots and calmed my cervix down.  I did not have to get on the Mag...THANK GOODNESS!!  I was kept over night to be monitored and sent home on "moderate" bed rest with the same medicine I took with Landon for pre term labor.  My saving grace is that I have not started to dilate yet...yeah!!  When that happens, is when I will have to go to complete bed rest.  So I am saying my prayers! In my mind, I HAVE to get to 32 weeks, but would LOVE to get to 34 weeks.  I will be 30 weeks on Monday.