September 14, 2011

Am I sexy or what...haha

So this is my life these days.  I finally convinced the doctor to let me take off the monitors to sleep.  They monitor the babies every 8 hours now for about an hour.  The babies look good.  My nurses know our little girl well, because every time they put her on the monitor she moves and they have such a difficult time keeping her on.  It is so funny, because they talk to her like she is going to listen to what they are saying.  She is such a hoot!!

The doctor also checked my cervix today.  I am still only 2cm dliated...WAHOO!!

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  1. Hi Melissa!! Just wanted you to know that we are keeping up with you and praying for you and your precious family! Hang in there!! Please let us know if we can do anything for you. We love you!
    Mark & Laura