June 19, 2010

Learning to walk

Landon got this cute little lion walker the other day and absolutely loves it. He does such a great job learning to walk with it. No face plants yet, so I am hoping we can keep it that way!!!! He will stand for aboutt 15 seconds on his own, but when he starts to fall he just goes to his crawling position. He doesn't think to take a step yet, so we are still working on it! :o)

Memorial Day weekend

I was just looking through our camera and realized I have not put up all the pics from Memorial Day weekend. We had so much fun going to the Henderson's bay house with everyone. Landon was so good, and it was nice to just sit and relax.

We all took a boat trip from Matagorda to Port O'Conn0r to visit with the Pierces. It took us about an hour and ten minutes by boat, and Landon LOVED the boat ride. It actually put him to sleep on the way to Port O.

June 16, 2010

Children's Museum

We had so much fun hanging out with our friends at the Children's Museum in Houston on Monday. Landon enjoyed playing with Jaxson and all the other kids that were there. He loved going in the tunnel the most and spinning this big, colorful wheel they had. He also had a blast on the little car that he liked to "drive". Landon has this OBSESSION with driving, especially on Me Maw and Paw Paw's QUV! It is too cute!

We are pushing 11 months, and growing strong. Landon is crawling at top speed and pulling up on everything!!!! Slowly but surely Landon is getting in more teeth. His fifth tooth just broke the skin. He weighs almost 19 pounds and can eat like it's going out of style! He loves to click his tongue, and talks all the time (just like his momma!!!). We can't believe we are planning his one year old birthday party.