November 7, 2009


For Halloween, Jacy, Landon and I went over to mom and dad's house.  The Henderson's joined us along with the Holz's, the Foster's and Uncle Russell and Aunt Katie.  Landon did not take to that many people in one room very well, so we decided to take him trick-or-treating.  He LOVED it.  He was a big hit in his little pumpkin outfit.  We went to 5 or 6 houses and then headed back to the house.  Uncle Russell and Aunt Katie joined us trick-or-treating.  We had a lot of fun and let's just say mom and dad enjoyed the candy!  By the time we got home he was exhausted and slept well that night.

Since he started going to his sitter this week, he has slept through the night the entire week.  We just can't believe it and needless to say, we are all in a better mood around here since we have been getting enough sleep!  :o