January 30, 2010

PawPaw's work of art!

Created just for Landon with love from PawPaw!

Kickin' it with cuzin Tyton...

Jorja and Tyton were able to come down and visit for a few days with us. Landon and Tyton were absolutely adorable. They were very interested in each other and Landon kept wanting to eat Tyton....pretty funny! It was so nice to hang out and get to catch up. Check out these priceless pics of the boys!


God is so good!!! We are so excited Landon was able to get his tubes because he seems to feel much better! The surgery went great. He was such a big hit with the ladies at the hospital... :o) He is turning out to be a pretty big flirt! haha

We arrived at Herman Memorial @ the Woodlands about 6:40 friday morning. They had asked us not to feed Landon after midnight the night b/f because of reflux reasons during surgery. I have to say he did awesome, considering he wasn't able to eat for hours. They took him into surgery about 9 and literally by 9:10 he was done!!! Super quick. The doctor said both of his ears were completely full of puss. Very gross, I know, but we are very glad he was able to clean them out. In recovery, he screamed for about 10 minutes. We were able to feed him a bottle and it calmed him down pretty quickly. After about 30 minutes in recovery, we were headed back home.

Today is day two and he seems like he is going into a much deeper sleep than he has reached before. In turn, he seems much happier...so far! We are very anxious to see how the next couple of weeks go.

January 22, 2010

Ear Tubes

Well, we had a visit to an ENT specialist last week about Landon's constant ear infections. After his check-up we discovered he has a lot of fluid in both of his ears. Our doctor suggested that it is a great idea to go ahead and get tubes because it will definately take care of this problem. We have scheduled surgery for January 29th for Landon to get tubes in both of his ears. We are very excited and really feel this will help Landon feel so much better and hopefully sleep at night time. Of course we are a little nervous because he will be put under, but know this is the best decision for Landon.

We have also started food recently and boy does he LOVE it! We are a growing boy and eat everything that comes our way. He is such a great little eater and gets excited when you start to make his food! It is the cutest thing I have ever seen.