December 23, 2010

Gig'Em Aggies!

So, I just can't wait any longer to share our Aggie photo shoot slideshow.  We took the pictures a couple of months ago, and have been keeping it a secret, because we did something special for Christmas.  I think it is safe to finally share it.  We start our Christmas tonight with the Hendersons, and tomorrow with my family.  Hopefully they won't look before then!  :o)  Enjoy your families as you spend time with them.  I know I will!

My sister and I were talking yesterday about how BLESSED we are to have every person we love  together this year on Jesus' birthday, and how everyone is healthy!  We take that for granted sometimes, and it truly is a blessing each and every day we have together!!!

Merry Christmas and happy birthday Jesus-we're thinking of you!!

P.S.  The pictures of Landon standing in the Aggie ring are my favorite...priceless!

December 12, 2010

Party in the USA

I had to share this video.  I laugh every time I watch it!  Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the blog and pause the music, so you can hear the video.

November 28, 2010

Thankful for...

Do you ever focus on what you "want" in life as opposed to what you are blessed with in life?  I tend to struggle with that, but this Thanksgiving as we spent time with our families, I just sat back and thanked God for each and every thing he has blessed us with.

We are so thankful for:
Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior
our families
becoming parents
having jobs 
our home
being healthy
our only last so long, right?!
another amazing year with everyone we love :o)
being able to live close and enjoy our parents and siblings

Life passes by SOOO fast, sometimes I just want to freeze it!  

For Thanksgiving, we started out in Rock Springs with the McCullough Clan for a few days, and then headed to Uvalde with the Henderson Clan.  Katie and Russell were in Rockport spending time with family, so we got to enjoy them when we all got back to Houston.  Landon had his first encounter with a deer when Uncle Wayne shot a buck.  He wasn't scared of it, which really surprised us.  When we were in Uvalde, Jacy, Uncle Casey and Papaw shot a doe, and Landon wanted to be right in the middle of it and help clean.  YUCK...boys will be boys...I guess!  

We love you all SO MUCH!!!  Happy Thanksgiving! 

November 1, 2010


Landon had fun trick-or-treating in his tiger costume.  He ate his first KitKat and a sucker.  Mommy said no, but was over ruled by everyone else!!  We had a lot of fun just hanging out with our families and enjoying Landon!

We have a picture of Landon screaming with Katie last year too!!!  Look to the right and you will see it....hahaha  


October 26, 2010

Sad news...

Hey everyone.  We haven't posted in a while, but wanted to let you know what was going on in our lives.  A few weeks ago, we found out that we were expecting again.  We were ecstatic that it happened naturally and I was not on fertility medication.  I had a few complications at the beginning, but they went away for a good two weeks.  During those two weeks we thought everything had straightened up, but this last Thursday, the complications returned again.  Sunday night was not good at all, and when I went in to the doctor Monday morning, we found out that I had lost the baby.  I was about 6 1/2 weeks.  We are  very sad, because we were excited for Landon to be a big brother, but yet again, God has shown us His plan is bigger than ours!!  We trust in Him and know that He is watching over us.  At the same time, we are very anxious for what lies ahead of us.

We hope and pray this is not a sign of problems down the road, because more than anything we want to grow our family, but only time will tell.

On a happy note, Landon is getting so big.  He says NO (haha), hot, ball, dada, bye, momma, and more.  His vocabulary is growing each and every day.  He loves the word 'outside' but is still working on saying it!  :o)  His new thing is dancing and spinning in circles.  He even taps his foot now.  It is hilarious!!  In the video he is dancing to song on one of his toys.

September 7, 2010

13 months and walking!!!

So, this afternoon was an interesting and exciting one.  Jacy and I have been working with Landon on his walking.  We knew he could do it, but he just needed to gain the confidence.  Landon and I were playing in his room and out of no where he decided to walk to me.  Jacy came in his room to see, and Landon walked back and forth from Jacy to me about 10 times.  You could tell he was so proud of himself!  After playing, he decided he was going to walk all over the house.  We had so much fun tonight watching Landon walk from point A to point B.

He also decided while he was walking, he was going to kick his ball at the same time.  I think he is moving a little too quickly....  :o)

August 24, 2010

Our little politician!!

Landon and I were running errands the other day, and we stopped to have some lunch.  We were sitting there waiting on our food, and Landon was just talking up a storm.  He loves to wave and talk to everyone, and I mean everyone, who walks past him.  There was a sweet older man and his wife sitting beside us that day.  We got to talking, and he kept saying how precious Landon was, but he also said unfortunately, he thought Landon was going to be a politician when he gets older because he likes to talk so much.   I said, "Well, he does come by it honestly.  His mother loves to talk also"!

August 2, 2010

The after party....

I think we all had too much fun on the "kids" slide.  The night of the 31st we all gathered again to get wet in the water.  Check it out.....
The End!

Landon's 1st Birthday!! we look back at the past year of our life, we are just amazed how God works and continues to work in our lives.  He has given us the opportunity to become parents, and we are so blessed to have Landon with us each and every day!  We give praise and thanks to the Lord, for he is good!!!  Psalm 106: 1-3

As we celebrated Landon's 1st birthday on Saturday, we also celebrated the fellowship with our friends and families.  We are so thankful to have them close by, and for Landon to spend time with people that love him unconditionally!

When you think of July and how hot it is, we thought water activities would be the best thing to do for his birthday party.  The little guys and girls (sweet Kylee) played in the baby pool and the big kids played on the blow up water slide.  It was so much fun to see the kids on the water slide.  Dad McCullough was filming in front of the slide, paying no attention, so he got completely soaked standing in front of the  slide....It was too funny!

Landon/mom and dad (haha) opened so many fun toys and now we need a bigger house just to store the toys!!!  Every new gift we opened that is the one Landon wanted to play with.

When it was cake time, he wasn't all that interested.  He stuck his finger in the icing a few times, but I guess he like to have clean hands like his momma!