December 16, 2011

Tis the season

We made a trip to see Santa last week and thought mabye, just maybe we could convince Landon to sit on Santa's lap....boy were we wrong!!  He clenched onto me so hard, I didn't even know he had that many muscles..HA So, we decided to let Reese and Grady give it a shot.  They did just fine.  The funny thing is, we were told it was for liability reasons that Santa couldn't hold both babies at one time just in case he dropped one...haha  Sorry, but I found that very humorous for some reason.  And after the fact, I thought to Melissa, how smart was that to let Santa hold your newborn babies after the other 100 kids he let sit in his lap that day.  I guess you live and you learn, right.

  Waiting in line to get their pics taken.

I just love this Santa!  He is so adorable. 

                   I just love this kid!!       Landon loves holding the babies.