February 24, 2012

Dear Lord,

As I've laid in bed the last couple of nights, I have gone to God with many prayer requests.  I have had a lot on my mind and a lot of questions for God.  I don't understand this world.  It is so evil sometimes and can just gobble people up in it.  We have been praying for yet another couple that is our friends that God will just work in their lives.  I just don't understand sometimes the decisions people make.  I just don't get it!  I have also recently read a story about a sweet baby and the decisions a family is being faced with before their baby is even born.  Father, I just lift this family up.  I pray that you will be with them day and night every step of the way.  I pray that you will give them strength and wisdom and Lord, that you this precious baby will be a walking miracle to the world!  I have never walked in the shoes what they are going through, but I feel like I can relate in some sense that I was in the hospital with both of my pregnancies and could have possibly delivered way too early.  I know that "fear" and uncertain feeling.  It is so not a good feeling.  Please keep this family in your prayers!  Father you are so mighty, and more than anything be with this amazing family!  Let your light shine!

On a happy note, my 11 year younger brother, Wayne, is a senior this year.  We went to his last home basketball game the other day.  I have a few pics below from it.  They will have their third playoff game this Saturday.  I am SO so proud to call Wayne my brother.  He is such an amazing kid, who Loves the Lord in all he does!  I love you Wayne!

February 21, 2012

Random thoughts

I have a lot in my head I want to get out and write on the blog before I forget, so this is going to be one random post!  Reese and Grady had their 4 month check up a few weeks ago, and everything was pretty good.  Reese weighed 10lbs. 5.5oz. and Grady weighed 11lbs. 2oz.  They hadn't gained even half a pound over about 5 weeks, so the doctor put both babies on Prevacid to help keep their milk down.  I think it is doing the trick for the most part.

Grady recently had a PT come out to the house, through a program called ECI, to evaluate him to see if he needed a little assistance to help "close the gap" of being a premature baby.  He did qualify, but I actually declined services.  He is showing so much growth each day, and as his mom, I don't feel there is something he needs help with.  The PT told me herself, yes he is behind, but she saw no red flags.  It will just take time for him to "catch up".  I am totally at peace with this.

Reese is trucking along.  I can't walk by her now without her telling me to pick her up...lol  Her and Grady notice each other when they are laying on the floor together, and seriously y'all, they talk back and forth.  I guess there IS such thing as twin talk.  It is the cutest thing ever!!

Neither Grady or Reese is rolling over or sitting up yet, but they are trying so hard.  Grady can roll to his side, and scoot himself just about anywhere, but Reese just turns herself in circles.

Landon is doing awesome!  He is keeping us VERY busy!  He still loves his school and yesterday started clapping when I dropped him out.  I thought to myself, geez, is being at home with us really that bad..haha  He is such a big help!

Below are a few pictures from Valentine's day and a couple random ones.  

PS. I got my braces off!!!!!
SO adorable!
MeMaw taught me how to FISH!

"Peace Out" as Katie says it!
Attempting to take a picture
Realizing a picture isn't going to happen!
I LOVE this picture!
Our friend Libby came to visit!
I know...sad, sad, but it works! ha