September 19, 2011

32 weeks!

Today is a good day!  I have made it to 32 weeks.  Thank you Lord!  The doctor came in and we discussed EXACTLY what her thoughts were after we turn off the mag when I am 34 weeks.  That will be Monday, October 3rd.  We are thinking my body will take off on its own after the mag is turned off, but if for some reason it doesn't, she will drip pitocin.  As of right now, no C section!  I'm going for it..haha  I will also have an ultrasound this week to see how much the babies are weighing.  Jacy and I are getting very excited to meet them!  It blows my mind that Landon is going to be a big brother in two  It seems like yesterday when he was born. 


  1. We are so thankful that you are at 32 weeks!! We are praying the next two go by quickly as you rest, and we are praying for a safe delivery of healthy, strong babies!! Love and hugs to you both!

  2. What a great report, Melissa!!! So excited for you--- what a blessing! 32 weeks... that is awesome!!!