September 19, 2011

Afternoon update

So, the goal today was to put a PICC line in my left arm so I didn't have to keep getting a new IV every 3 days.  I have had 5 already, and if I stay 2 more weeks, that is 5 more.  They are worried they are going to run out of veins, and thought a pick line would be good.  We all get ready, I have to sign a bunch of paper work, and am mentally trying to prepare myslef for the pain. Right when they are about to put me on the stretcher bed to move me downstairs to radiology, the nurse gets a phone call.  They told her I didn't quilify for a PICC line because I was "in patient" and they only do PICC lines in patients that go they wanted to do a central line in my jugular vein on my neck...I DON'T THINK SO!  I said absolutely not.  All I'm doing here is trying to have a baby (or 2), not dying.  So after all the drama, I was back in my bed in the same position I was when we began this mess.  I was kind of happy though, b/c neither a PICC line or IV coming out of my neck sounded appealing! 

We got the results from my ultrasound this morning, and the news was great!  The little girl now weighs 4.5 and the little boy is 4 pounds.  I personally think he is bigger, because they could not get a good measurement of his head.  He is literally coming out.  :o)  That is exactly how Landon was.  They always thought he was tiny b/c he was so low they couldn't measure his head either.  Landon ended up being a pound bigger than they expected, so I am hoping that is what happens this time.  All in all, they have gained roughly a pound in 2 weeks, so if I can get two more weeks in, they should be a good size!

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