March 29, 2012

A friend came to visit...

Yesterday, Landon was jumping on the trampoline and came in to tell me there was something under the trampoline.  He said it was a turtle.  I didn't even know he knew what a turtle was, lol!  We put the turtle in a box and kept him around for about an hour.  Then, Landon said he wanted to let him go find his momma.  It was so sweet.  The next hour we spent watching where he went.  It was fun! 

Landon said Mr. Turtle was thirsty and needed some milk..ha
Just some random pictures/videos of the babies.  They have really enjoyed spending time outside lately.

Landon has been very creative in his thinking lately.  This is how he got his cup!

And this is how he went potty outside...oh my!  But, it was hilarious!!

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