March 18, 2012

A week of "firsts"

Let me just start off by saying how blessed we are to have these three healthy children, and that God would even consider Jacy and myself to be their parents, is an honor!  We love them more than life itself and I couldn't imagine my life any other way.  I challenge myself each day to not take my life for granted in any way, and to just realize that each breath we take is such a blessing and a gift from God, because we never, ever know when we will take the last one.

This week was a week of firsts for Grady and Reese.  Reese has been laughing for some time now, but Grady started laughing this week.  I am so in love with his laugh!  Grady rolled over for the first time this week and Reese followed behind him rolling over today!  Grady loves making it to his tummy and Reese gets very upset once she has made it to hers.  I am hoping to get a video to share of it.  

Landon got a new trampoline this weekend and is absolutely in love!  It is SO cute.  He even jumps on it all by himself.  We love it, because it gives him something to do on his own that he doesn't need "mommy" and "daddy" to do with him, although we have had fun on it ourselves!!  Reese likes to stand up on it, of course me holding her, and Landon bounces her.  It is so cute!  Below are just some random pics I have taken and wanted to share.  We love you all dearly and hope you have a blessed week!


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