March 29, 2012

Oh, and one more thing...

I'm GONNA BE AN AUNT!!!!  I am still in shock!  Jacy and I got a Fed Ex box on our door step last week.  We knew we didn't order anything and we were dumbfounded where exactly this box could have came from.  It even felt like nothing was in, so we opened it with caution, thinking it was a prank and some animal was probably in it!  As soon as we opened it, colored balloons came out and we found this cute, decorated scrapbook page at the bottom of the box.  It had a sweet sonogram picture of baby holz and said he/she is due on November 3rd!  So exciting and so shocking.  I thought for sure my sister wouldn't have kid for 10 more years...haha  Jacy and I are thrilled and just can't wait to meet sweet baby Holz, and for Landon, Grady and Reese to have cousins!!!!

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