October 10, 2011


Reese and Grady are doing pretty well.  The main thing they are working on currently is regulating their own body temps and how to suck from a bottle.  Slowly but surely they are learning and growing. Reese got her IV out!!!! YEAH!  Grady's IV is back in his head :o( but they think they will be able to take him off his IV once this one is no longer good.  Here are some cute pics we took last night.  We weren't able to take Landon because he had a 24 hour bug that was vomiting and 102 fever.  Today is much better for him though.

P.S.  We have the yellow gowns on because we were afraid of giving the babies Landon's germs.  That is the last thing they need.

 I am also posting some pics of this past Saturday.  We took Landon to the Dewberry Farm.  He loved it!


  1. Love seeing a picture of the four of you...can't wait to see a picture of all five of you, though!!

  2. LOVE THE PICS!!! Sounds like they are doing well!!!!

  3. I love the pictures! I'm so glad everyone is doing well! We continue to pray for all of you, and especially for Reese and Grady to grow strong and healthy!
    Love and hugs to you!