October 7, 2011

Day 5 of the babies NICU stay

Today is day 5.  That means that is 5 less days of Reese and Grady's NICU stay we have to wait until we get to bring them home!  Jacy and I visited last night and were able to stay for a while.  It was a great visit.  We were both able to hold Grady, and that was my first time to hold him.  I was in Heaven!  We were also able to feed both Reese and Grady.  We were back and forth between the two rooms...it was pretty funny.  I kept thinking to myself, I can't believe there is two of them :o)

As of yesterday, Reese was taken off the Jaundice treatment.  Her levels were back to normal.  They did end up putting a feeding tube in her, because she was having to work too hard to eat.  They are now feeding her some from a bottle, and then they feed the rest of her food through the tube.  Her heart rate started to drop yesterday for some reason.  At one point it dropped into the 80's and they had to document it.  While we were there, it was dropping into the 90's.  That was a little scary, but when Jacy visited this morning, they had said her heart rate was back into the 140's and 150's.  She is weighing 4.3 pounds as of now.  We love you Reese and are already so proud of you!  We can't wait to bring you home and let your big brother smooch all over you!

Grady is doing better.  His blood pressure b/w his upper and lower extremities has a slight difference, but nothing like it was.  His mag levels are starting to go down!  He is weighing 4.9 pounds.  He finally got his lines out of his belly button and that is why were able to hold him.  His IVs have been taking better, so they have been able to place them in his hand and foot versus his head!  This made me so happy.  He also has a feeding tube, and is being fed just like Reese.  Grady, you are so dear to our hearts.  The Lord is watching over you and your sister each and every second!  You are so strong and are such a little fighter.  You did upset big brother when you started crying :o)

The nurse told us last night that hopefully their IVs will be out in a few days.  They are having to drip a liquid called TPN because they aren't able to eat much.  Once they are able to stop that drip, they will come off.  They also promised they will put them in the same room as soon as they can.  We are looking forward to that. 

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