October 16, 2011

Saturday morning!

Yesterday was an exciting day for us.  We had called early Saturday morning to check on Reese and Grady and right before we hung up the nurse asked us to bring their car seats...Well, once they ask that, you know they are about to come home... We were TOTALLY caught off guard.  And on top of all this, they had told us they will probably go home separately.  They are coming home together!!!  If all goes well the rest of today and tomorrow morning, they will be with us tomorrow afternoon!  We are soooooo excited!  Tonight will officially be our last night of sleep ever...yikes!

They have been doing really well, it just takes them some time to eat their bottles.  Sometimes their oxygen level drops because they let milk sit in their mouth and not swallow, so they have taught us how to handle that.  The neonatologist has pretty much ruled out the heart condition she thought Grady had.  We were very ecstatic about that!

So...needles to say, as of yesterday we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  We have so much to do before they come home Monday.  We weren't expecting them that soon, but are thrilled Monday is the day!

Off to church...we have so much to be thankful for!



  1. Yaaayyy! Today is the day!! :-)

  2. YAY!!!!! So excited for you all!!! God is good ALL the time!