April 4, 2011


Hi friends,
So it has been a while.  So many changes have gone on in our lives, I don't even know where to start.  Jacy and I decided last summer to put our house on the market, and we finally had an offer in January.  We closed on our house early March, so are currently living with his Granny.  We have finalized our new house plans and hopefully will be building here before long.  We are very excited about our new home! 

We have also found out that I am expecting again.  I am currently 8 1/2 weeks, so we are very anxious to get past the "danger zone" and be able to lighten up a little.  They are saying I am due November 14.  We are just nervous because of what happened in the past.  My first doctor's visit was last week, and we were very excited to hear the baby's heartbeat and find out how far along I was.  I have been extremely sick to my stomach which has not been fun.  It has been very challenging having a 20 month old at home and teaching First Grade.  Each day is a new day for me.  Thank the Lord I have the most amazing, supportive husband in the world!!!  He is just a miracle!!  Well, little did we know we would walk into the doctor's office not knowing we were about to get the biggest SHOCK of our entire lives so far.  We found out that I am pregnant with twins.  This has been SUCH a journey for us, and if we have learned anything in life, it is that we have know idea what the Lord has in store for us next!!  It truly is an amazing journey walking with Jesus!! 

So, after all this news and adjusting to the shock factor, we have been warming up to the idea of having 3 kids under the age of 3....WOW!  Can you imagine how crazy fun our lives are about to be!! :o)  Anyways, we had a little scare last night and I started bleeding again.  I went in for an ultrasound today and the babies look wonderful.  Hearts are beating strong and they are showing growth.  My next appointment will be next Wednesday and they are going to keep a close eye on everything.  Please continue to pray that both babies will be healthy and will be able to continue growing.  This is literally a day to day journey for us and we can do nothing but trust in the Lord ALWAYS!! 

We don't have a computer at Granny's so it is hard to stay up on posting.  I will try and do my best!  Landon has also recently got his first haircut, so I can't wait to post his video.  He did such a great job sitting like a big boy in his chair! 

Love you all,

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