February 4, 2011

Boys will be boys..

I am sitting on the couch today, my day off, wishing I was enjoying the outdoors instead of sitting inside and the following conversation is what I hear coming from my bathroom:

Jacy:  Landon, come here.  I'm gonna show you how to pee in the toilet.  See, you lift the lid, then go to the bathroom.  No, No don't touch it.  Do you know where to flush?  This is how you flush (whooshh).

Landon:  Oohhhhhh

Hmmm.  I couldn't help myself and cracked up laughing.  I found this pretty humorous.  At least Dad can do the potty training.  Sounds like he is already on board...haha

Boys shall be boys I guess  :o)

1 comment:

  1. I love the don't play in it part! That is our current struggle! Caleb is too young to potty train (and he is STILL not walking on his own) but we hope to have him potty trained before we go on our Disney Cruise next summer. They won't let swimmer diapers in the pools!