June 14, 2012

Stay at home mom???

So, as I sit upstairs playing with my three children, I am so thankful to even have this opportunity! At the same time, I'm ready to blow my head off, seriously! I have no life and I can't go anywhere. I mean, I need a triple stroller, and if I come home with one more stroller to cram in my already packed with crap garage, my husband would seriously consider leaving me ...lol! I can recite almost any kids book, sing any bible song my son has learned at MDO or church, change two diapers at a time, with my eyes closed, WHILE I wipe a two year old's butt!! Now that is talent my friends!

Every single day I consider getting a job, but then I think about taking my almost 3 year old into a day care room crammed with like 20 kids and it makes my stomach hurt. That is exactly why I cried almost every time I had to leave my son with strangers...I hated it!!!! But yet why am I going so crazy if this is what I signed up for...to be home with my children and a mommy 24/7?

This too shall pass, right?! I can't help but literally laugh at myself. My life is CRAZY, but I love it on a no screaming day :) Just sayin'...

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  1. Melissa,
    You make me laugh!! And I understand how you feel. It's not easy to be a stay at home mommy. I know the days seem long sometimes and you wonder if life is passing you by... I also know you will never regret the choice you've made. No one can love or parent your babies like you can! Hang in there on the "screaming" days!! I am proud of you! Things will get easier sooner than you know and strangely enough, you will miss these days! Ha!
    We love you!!