May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

For our Memorial Day weekend, we spent some time at the bay house in Matagorda.  It was actually a lot of fun with the three kids!  Landon got to swim in his pool on the dock, go fishing, play with his friends, and he even went fishing.  He was such a trooper fishing, and was totally into it.  He had his own pole, and would just sit on the side of the boat, drop his bait in, and patiently wait.  But, when it was time to put a new shrimp on, he wouldn't touch it.  HA!  By the end of the trip, he touched one, but that was the first and last time he did that.  He never caught a fish, but his MeMaw did catch a croaker and put it on the end of his pole.  It was SO cute when he reeled it in.    

My one mission while we were at the beach was to take some pictures of Reese and Grady in the water.  With Landon, I guess him being my first, I never wanted to get him sandy or possibly salt water in his eyes because they would burn, so this time around, I didn't  Reese absolutely LOVED it...she just sat in her bumbo and sunbathed, but Grady didn't like it so much.  It was pretty windy so between the wind and the water crashing on his bumbo (just a little bit, not drowning him), he   
                                               was not a happy camper.  

This was my hair do after my fishing trip!!


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