January 12, 2012

Like my friend Courtney says it, "Wordless Wednesday"

Well, that is what my day was like yesterday.  I took Landon, Reese and Grady in to the doctor for the usual runny, snotty nose and cough.  Grady had also started running a fever.  Grady weighed 10.8 and Reese weighed 9.11.  They are getting so big!  Reese and Landon had sinus infections and the doctor thought Grady had RSV, so he swobbed his nose and then sent us over to have an x-ray on his chest to make sure he didn't have pneumonia.  Well, at this point my mom had to leave and so me, and the 3 kids headed over to Tomball Hospital for the x-ray.  I walk in and it was like an ER waiting room.  There were people everywhere.  I was thinking oh my gosh...how in the world am I going to wait here with 3 kids and 2 that are about to want their bottle and one who hasn't had lunch...AND it is now noon.  Well of course both the babies started crying and I look over and Landon has now stripped off his socks and shoes and thrown them in the floor.  I took a deep breath and said to myself...okay Melissa, I can either freak out right now, or I can not care what people in here are thinking of me and deal with the situation.   I took the "I don't care" route.  I couldn't help but start laughing.  And let me tell you, ALL eyes were on me.  I tried to calm the babies and then I got in Landon's face and very calmly told him to put his socks and shoes back on or else...hahaha

So, in the end of all this, my dad finally got to the hospital and was able to help.  Grady's RSV test came back negative and his x-ray was normal...few!  But, there is more to the story.  While we were at the doctor, he told me that he was concerned with Grady.  Grady prefers to turn his neck to the left most of the time, and has somewhat of a difficult time focusing.  He also arches his back and doesn't like for you to sit him up.  We will be taking him to see an optomologist and neurologist later this month and are having a physical therapist come out to our house to evaluate him.  Deep down I feel he is probably okay, but is just maturing slower than Reese.  He was also stuck in a really weird postition in utero because Reese was on top of him, poor guy.  As a doctor, they probably want to cover all basis, just to make sure, but of course now all this is in my head and I'm freaking out.  Seriously, I couldn't have any more on my plate.  This cannot happen.  Grady has to be okay.  I will not be able to handle news other than he seems normal.  I mean, for the moment I am feeling sorry for myself.  NOTHING having to do with pregnancy and babies seems to be going smoothly.  I just don't get it!!  I know things could be worse, but geez.  Please just keep him in your prayers!  I will keep you posted once we see the specialist.  

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  1. We had Allison with an occupational therapist for almost 18 months and a physical therapist too. Had to do with her prematurity and muscle tone. We did it through ECI-- Project Tyke, so they came to the house. Wonderful program...and helped me know what to do to help her 'catch up' and such. The kids are precious!!!! Growing up so fast...