August 27, 2011

Good day gone bad

Have you ever had one of these?  It was just one of those days this last Tuesday, August 23rd.  I woke up in a great mood.  Mom was watching Landon for me for the day and I had some things I had to get done, but was excited to have some "me" time.  I started at the dentist, got my bottom braces on (I look like a knocked up teenager is what my brother says) and then to the floor store to pick out stuff for our house.  After that was off to my OB for my 28 week check-up.  Before I walked into the doctor I was thinking how great my body has been so far this pregnancy, seeing that I went into labor with Landon right around 27 weeks.  Monday I will be 29 weeks!!!

This is where my day starts to go wrong.  First they do my glucose testing-I fail.  It probably wasn't a good idea I drank a soda on my way to the doctor :o)  Then, I go in for my ultrasound, and find out my cervix is supposed to be roughly 4 cm and is only 1.5.  Sooo....the doctor calls me back again to see her (never good) and tells me to just "take it easy".  Okay-exactly what does that mean???  I am not dilating or in labor (I guess anyways), but I have a thin cervix.  She just told me I have to take it easy or she is going to have to admit me into the hospital.  She said she expected this with my history and because I am carrying twins.  I'm thinking in my head-here we go again.  Except this time, I have a 2 year old and am in the process of moving into a new house in about 4 weeks.  Could anymore be going on in my life at once??  So, the entire way home I just cry.  Doesn't it feel so good to just cry sometimes?  It does for me.

The next day I have to return to the doctor to do my 3 hour glucose test, the second round, since I failed on Tuesday.  They call me back and ask if I have been fasting...No, I told the nurse.  I was never instructed to fast, and you know a pregnant girl doesn't go without eating for more that 2 hours!!  So, she tells me we will be unable to do the test and I will have to come back...again, I can't fight back the tears.  Geez...I have been so emotional this past month.

Needless to say, reality definitely set in after visiting my doctor.  These babies are going to be here before I know it, and I am mentally preparing myself for them to be pretty early.  I am not ready....I don't have a house, feel completely unorganized with stuff scattered in multiple places, and I am not ready to give up just "me and Landon" time.  He will never again be the baby, and that blows my mind.  I can't even imagine more children that I am going to love just as much as I love Landon.  This is ALL A DREAM to me still....God is going to be the person to pull me through all this.  Thank you Lord for being with me every second of every day, because I just couldn't do all this without you!  It's like the song on my blog, It won't be like this for long.  Those words are ever so true in any aspect of life.



  1. Umm, next time you have one of those days...CALL ME!!! I am here for you anytime! :-)

  2. We love you, Melissa! We are praying for you. I know it's hard to give up "mommy and Landon" time, but you will be surprised at the capacity of your heart to love all three of them! You are going to make it through this! Hang in there!!