July 29, 2011

24 weeks

My doctors appointment went good this week. The little girl weighs 1.6 and the little boy weighs 1.5. I am also growing by the hour :) The babies are moving all the time. Not only can I feel them move but you can see them move if you are looking at my tummy. Last Sunday in church I couldn't stop laughing because my stomach wouldn't quit moving. Jacy and I had the giggles...whoever was sitting next to us probably was wondering what we were on :)

For the most part I feel good. I have days I feel great and days I feel a little off. At the end of the day I'm beginning to feel very uncomfortable...sleeping is quite interesting! I don't remember being this uncomfortable with Landon.

I'm beginning to question this stay at home mom stuff. My fuse seems to get shorter and shorter. I am hoping it's because I'm hormonal. Maybe it's just chasing a 2 year old while having 2 more babies in my tummy- I don't know. I keep telling Jacy that I can't imagine 2 more "landons". He laughs and tells me that I don't have to imagine it because it's about to come true. Thanks for the encouragement babe!

Landon is having his 2nd bday tonight. He's excited about it. We ask him how old he is and he says "this big"! Still working on that. He seems to be understanding more I have babies in my tummy. He likes to lay his head on my stomach and let them kick him. He thinks it's hilarious. It is the cutest thing I have seen!

Enjoy your weekend! We love you all!

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