December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

It was so much fun to celebrate our first Christmas as a family!  All the fun started the day before Christmas Eve as we began visiting our family and had dinner with the Henderson's.  MeMaw cooked a fantastic meal that we enjoyed before we opened all of our gifts.  Landon wasn't too interested in his first Christmas.  He slept while we opened gifts.  :o)  I think it was more for mom and dad!  The day of Christmas Eve, we went to church, and then over to my grandparent's house.  My mom's side.  After opening gifts with all the McGills, we then went back to Udog and Cici's house.  :o)  Cici had wonderful drinks and lots of snacks for us to munch on.  We opened gifts and then played mexican train.  Uncle Russell and Aunt Katie taught us all how to play the game.  That night, we got home very late.  Way past our bedtime anyway.  Christmas morning was wonderful as a family.  About lunch time, we headed over to the Rayburn's Christmas.  Landon was extremely well behaved and actually let everyone hold him!!!  We were sooo excited about this!

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