August 15, 2013

Are YOU a spectator?

That is the question I was asked this past Tuesday as I sat and heard Beth Moore speak live for my first time.  I have seen her videos and walk away on fire for God, but wow...hearing her live, my heart almost exploded for Christ!  She talked about different types of people that were in the room.  There were those that were saved, some coming to their first speaker, some their thousandth, and then there were those whose friend lied to them and told them that they were going to a night club...hehe What she meant by this, was it is not a coincidence you are here...someone (God) has brought you here.  Well, I fell into the category of a christian who is saved, but when she asked us that one question, "Are you a spectator?", it hit home.  Yes, I am a child of God, and I believe He died on the cross to forgive all our sins, and don't get me wrong....the Lord definitely convicts my heart quite often, but there is just that....a piece that I am missing.

Beth began to talk about how since it is 2013, some people say you can be a "christian" but that doesn't mean going to church is that important.  She then said that is a bunch of bull, because as a believer we need to grow our spirits and become closer to God, and when you attend church, and not only just sit there, but GET INVOLVED, you feel the Holy Spirit's presence.  So, as a regular attender of church (most of the time), I am going to try and "get involved" and feel God's presence more, just as she spoke of.

Following beth was a speaker from Australia.  I cannot remember her name, but she was on fire for Christ!  It was absolutely amazing.  She talked about how there is a six inch disconnect from our head to our hearts.  That we can be knowledgeable about Christ and a believer in our hearts, but if we do not connect that six inch difference, we are not going to experience God out fully.  WOW!  I LOVED how she put that.   Needless to say, when I walked out of that building, I was/am on fire for God.  I'm being completely honest in this post, and it is kind of scary, because who doesn't want other people to think "you" have it all together?!  I need to quit telling myself I will get involved "tomorrow" or that I will start my quiet time "tomorrow".  Because you know what friends, tomorrow means never!  I am finding that out very quickly.

I want to end with this song, that we sang at the women's night out and it absolutely moved me!  Are YOU a spectator??

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